Expansion Programs

Live and self-paced

Expansion Programs

Live and self-paced

Hey, I’m Lissette LaRue.
And I’m here to remind you of who the f*ck you are:





I'm on a mission to ignite the fire within you — reminding you of the powerful force you were born and meant to be.⁣

I don't sugarcoat or tiptoe around. I'm intuitively guided, spiritually led, and highly grounded in the physical. My work blends energetic, strategic, and spiritual technologies — offering the best and most transformative experience.⁣

I go deep with my clients. You don't do mediocre or surface-level type of work. You don't follow "the rules" or behave like everyone else just to fit in because you know your work is much bigger than you.

In This Space...

You heal old wounds and break chains — personal ones and those belonging to your ancestors, too. You expand your capacity for more and then multiply it. You carry out your vision and mission to guide those meant to walk the same path as you.

"She's the leader who paved the way and changed the lives of not only those within her community but of those around the world, too." — That's my motto and the core of my purpose and work with clients.

See, I'm not just here to hold your feet to the fire so that you can unleash your true power and hidden potential — boldly and courageously.

I'm here to show you how to step into that power with complete confidence in knowing that nothing (and no one) outside of you can shake you once you do. Now, that's true freedom.

You Feel It In Your Bones...

We all feel the undeniable shift in the air, a call for change. A different type of pathway toward health, love, wealth, and happiness.

And that's because WE are the ones meant to shake it up.

If you've landed on this page and you're reading these words… 

This is your sign.

It’s time to unleash the powerful leader meant to change the mother f’n world!

Here Are Some Ways We
Can Work Together...

From Fear To Fierce

In this 9-week live coaching experience, I’ll guide you through letting go of the underlying source that’s standing between you and your dream life.

Together, we’ll access the power and strength of the women who walked this earth long before us, and I’ll cheer you on as you awaken to the power and creativity within you. It’s time to speak our truth and heal from the suffering we’ve been shouldering for centuries!

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Experience 5 powerful healing activations through a combination of spiritually based techniques backed by science, evidence-based practices in the field of psychology, and subconscious reprogramming for long-lasting transformation.

Work through the pre-recorded sessions at your own pace and enjoy lifetime access to my in-depth teaching. 

This is the most accessible way to take advantage of my years of education, training, and expertise.

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Private Coaching

If you’re ready to love every ounce of yourself, your journey, your life, and your work, book a connection call with me, and let’s reveal a whole new you.

My signature private coaching methodology combines all of the work I’ve learned and done for the past 13 years into a dynamic approach I haven't seen offered anywhere else.

I’ll build a custom experience that’s tailored just for you and designed to support you in all areas of your life so that you can step into the leader you were born and always destined to become.

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The Healthy & Wealthy CEO

Discover the synergy of success and well-being with The Healthy & Wealthy CEO Membership - an exclusive membership program crafted specifically for visionary leaders who seek to harmonize their entrepreneurial success with personal healing and wellness. 

This unique membership is designed to empower CEOs like you to flourish in business and life with holistic healing practices, success-anchored activations, mindset shifts, and genuine support alongside a community of like-minded leaders.

Quite frankly, this is more than a membership. It's a transformational journey and safe landing space where your well-being is considered the cornerstone of your success. 

In this space, growth, healing, and wealth are intertwined to ensure that you reach new heights and thrive in your business, your relationships, and your personal health.

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Energy Expansion Intensives 

Success loves (and needs) internal AND external action. The internal action ensures that your external transformation sticks, putting you on the fast track toward achieving your desires. And THAT is my jam. 

These Energy Sessions are your ignition key to unlocking your full potential. They're your backstage pass to supercharging your success if you will.

Whether you're gearing up for a jaw-dropping performance, a TEDx talk that needs extra oomph, or seeking to mend that persistent wound — these sessions are here to empower YOU!

Think of these sessions as a dynamic fusion of energy healing, strategic finesse, and intuitive wizardry. They're all about zapping that one tricky issue (for good) or supercharging your momentum.

Ancestral healing, inner child healing, somatic magic, and a dash of hypnosis and mindset rewiring — I'm fully armed with transformational tools — to help you emerge stronger than ever as you unleash your true and powerful self with the world.

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& Activations

Embark on a journey of healing and empowerment with my custom Meditations and Activations. Each meditation and activation is uniquely crafted with a deep understanding, awareness, and compassion for your healing journey. 

As a licensed Trauma Specialist and Expansion Coach, I guide you through powerful experiences that nurture deep healing, foster resilience, and safely unlock your inner potential as you address and release any emotional scars (conscious or unconscious), allowing for renewed strength and joy. 

These unique meditations and activations are quite literally designed to help you experience profound relaxation and mental clarity no matter what you're going through. You can listen to them as often as you want (highly recommended) to reinforce your healing and growth and strengthen your confidence like never before.

It's time to activate your inner power, enhance your self-awareness, and experience your very own transformation.

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Any service listed throughout this website, including energetic bodywork, is not a substitute for appropriate medical/psychiatric care, medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. I do not guarantee or warrant results. Furthermore, the information contained throughout this website, program/meditation purchases, or events is only intended to educate, inspire, and entertain you on your personal journey toward health and happiness.