Stand Up For The Life You Know You Wholeheartedly Deserve!

I guide powerful leaders through real transformation and into their true destiny.

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Stand Up For The Life You Know You Wholeheartedly Deserve!

I guide powerful leaders through real transformation and into their true destiny. 

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Unleash And Activate Your Hidden Gifts And Potential Today!

Discover your body's 7 most powerful energetic centers and their impact in every part of YOUR life. (Bonus meditations included for each!)


Embrace your truth and become a powerful magnet for everything you've ever dreamed of. With zero apologies and zero holding back.

Hey, I'm Lissette LaRue!

I specialize in helping leaders like you who desire unshakable confidence in themselves.⁣

Those ready to release life's heavy burdens and step into their brilliance.⁣

Imagine increasing your confidence, ditching that nagging imposter within, and reclaiming your time, energy, and mental clarity…⁣

You're worthy of more than just functioning. You're worthy of THRIVING.


It's Time To Create A Life That's Both An Adventure And Deeply Rooted In Purpose.

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Success Is About Becoming Healthy And Wealthy From The Inside And Out.

It's not just about collapsing time, multiplying monetary wealth, building a legacy, and becoming unforgettable, although that's wonderful, too.⁣

When you can have both... that's when you're unstoppable. Where nothing and no one outside of you can shake you. Where you embody your mission so deeply, your energy speaks it before you even utter a word.⁣

It's time to clear those subconscious barriers holding you back. It's time to lead with authenticity and integrity, to expand your capacity for more, and to awaken untapped gifts, skills, and talents — itching to be seen and felt by all.⁣

It’s time to rise up, claim the life you've been dreaming of, and turn your life into a masterpiece that's genuinely and unapologetically you.

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Sure, Life Throws Curveballs, And Sometimes, It Can Leave A Few Scars. But Guess What?

Those scars don't define you — they're just a tiny part of your story.⁣

As a trauma specialist and expansion coach, I'm all about creating a safe space for you to understand and, most importantly, actually heal from your past without talking about it for years on end.⁣

We turn your challenges into catalysts for growth. Unlike you've ever experienced before. It's truly a life-changing transformation. One you'll be glad you signed up for.⁣

I'm the secret sauce behind the leaders who strut their stuff with unshakable confidence.

This is your ticket to a life that's not just lived — it's totally owned.

Let Me Guess…

You've walked the path, checked off the boxes, scaled the mountains, and yet that whisper of dissatisfaction still lingers.⁣

You're staring at the mirror of your life, wondering how and why all the achievements and experiences haven't translated into the happiness you thought they would.⁣

You're not alone.⁣

In a world that's always chasing for more, it's easy to find yourself caught in the same loop, grappling with the same challenges that just won't budge.⁣

You've tried therapy, dabbled with coaches, and even put on the bravest smile at events and retreats, hoping things would magically align one day.⁣

But here's the truth: it's not about how much you've done or what you've yet to accomplish, but about who you BE.⁣

Your spirit, unreplicatable essence, dormant gifts, powerful heart, and magnetic presence hold the key to unlocking the transformation you crave.⁣

Lucky for you… you've stumbled upon the very place where that transformation takes flight.⁣

Your mission — it's not just something you teach, but a fire that burns deep within you, calling to be expressed and felt by everyone meant to walk this path with you.

It's Time To Fully Embody Your Mission, Walk Your Talk, And Radiate Purpose In Every Step You Take.

Yes, you can have it all — the achievements, the experiences, and the inner glow that makes life truly fulfilling — if that's what you truly want. And no, you don't have to sacrifice one over the other, who you are, time with family, or how you desire to live. ⁣

It doesn't take doing more, either. Nor does it take wishing and praying for wisdom, courage, patience, discipline, and motivation at night.⁣

It's about stepping into who you were always meant to BE.⁣

It's about uncovering the missing links, the hidden gems, and transforming your path from mundane to extraordinary.⁣

Our work isn't just about reaching a destination — it's a journey, an adventure, and the catalyst that propels you toward a life that's authentically and unapologetically yours.⁣

Ready to rewrite your story, reignite your purpose, and rediscover the power that's been hidden within you?

Your Journey Starts Here.

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Unleash And Activate Your Hidden Gifts And Potential Today!

Discover your body's 7 most powerful energetic centers and their impact in every part of YOUR life. (Bonus meditations included for each!)


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