Let go of the story holding you back and unleash the leader who's meant to change the world!

I lead powerful women through real transformation and into their true destiny.

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Let go of the story holding you back and unleash the woman meant to change the world!

I lead powerful women through real transformation and into their true destiny.

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Walking in your true destiny requires real transformation from the inside out.

Let me guess…

You’ve got everything in place for building the life and career of your dreams, and you're taking all the right action, but something’s still missing. You’re busy climbing the ladder, waiting to feel deeply fulfilled every step along the way… but what’s happening in your soul doesn’t quite align with what’s happening on the outside.

Something’s standing in the way that won’t let you find true joy in the process.

Something's blocking you from thoroughly expressing all parts of you with the world.

Something’s keeping you from your full expansion even though you've tried everything.

You know it’s holding you captive.

But here’s what you may not know yet…

For most of us, it comes from childhood. An unresolved story from the past that’s preventing us from being truly present in our success, experiences, and relationships. And it's not what you think it is.

I’m here to help you find and heal it once and for all, so you can finally walk in your true power and share your unique light with the world.

Because you're not here to follow someone else.

You're here to lead and create what no one else has ever built.

I dare you to unleash the leader that's meant to change the world!

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Hi! I’m Lissette.

I’m a Trauma Specialist and Expansion Coach, and the driving force behind long-lasting and revolutionary transformation for Entrepreneurs, World-Class Leaders, Athletes, and Celebrities.

I've led over 1000 clients through next-level evolutions with purpose and grace as they cleared deep-seated subconscious wounds stemming from past trauma - enabling them to undergo profound physical, mental, and emotional shifts in business and life.

I work with passionate, driven women just like you — natural-born leaders who are called to move mountains but find themselves trapped behind thoughts like “I’m not good enough,” “I need to work harder,” or “I’ll never be accepted anyway.”

On the surface, you’ve got a life that most people will only ever dream about. Running a successful company, doing work that lights you up, surrounded by people who admire you, achieving incredible milestones.

Dig a little deeper, though, and you’re quietly paralyzed by a constant pressure to achieve more, do more, be more.

You’re one person in public and another behind closed doors. Your greatest desires — peace, joy, freedom, alignment — are always one more step away. You can see them, visualize them, feel them in your grasp… but for some reason, they’re always barely out of reach.

But not anymore. You’re ready for a change, and there’s no turning back.

Together we'll find and clear that unwelcome core issue that’s standing in the way of your destiny. Once you experience this deep transformation, you’ll experience true freedom... and start watching the life of your dreams fall into place, even better than you imagined.

You have extraordinary gifts, power, love, creativity, and leadership within you that, when fully unleashed, will help you reach even higher and manifest your true potential.

It’s your time to shine and step into your greatness without the hidden blocks holding you back!

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The women I’m calling aren’t afraid to go deep.


They’re ready to heal what’s standing in their way as they expand their empire. They're ready to experience the radical change necessary to build their legacy. They’re ready to step into freedom and fully own their power.

If you’re ready to stop feeling…

  • Bound by a need to prove your worth
  • Undeserving of your success and praise
  • Exhausted by the constant search for validation
  • Frustrated with always striving but never arriving
  • Like a fraud for not fully embodying all that you teach
  • Invisible and unseen in all that you have to offer

And ready to start feeling…

  • Free to honor who you truly are
  • Worthy of the love and respect you’re shown
  • Fully seen and expressed in your truth
  • Confident in owning your gifts and uniqueness
  • Assured in leading and creating what no one else has ever built
  • Balanced and fully prepared for your next breakthrough

Then let’s uncover that throughline of your core issue (and the areas of your life it’s affecting) so that you can rise to the next level of your destiny and weave your new story.

And in that process, you’ll become the powerful woman you were always meant to be. A woman that’s meant to change the world.

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