5 powerful healing sessions to help you break through the pain of your past and claim control of your future.


It's time to Rise Up into your power!

Shine a spotlight on what's truly holding you back. Release it for good. And finally be free.

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You have a charmed life...

but you don't totally feel free. You're so lucky they say, and all you want to do is scream. They have no idea. And why would they? You've kept parts of you hidden that have only surfaced when you're alone or under the influence. And that shit's exhausting isn't it? Hiding behind the illusion that others have boxed you in...

Does any of this sound familiar to you?

  • You feel like you've "done it all," yet something's still missing. Your soul longs for something more than what you're currently living/doing/experiencing.
  • You don't let yourself be fully raw or seen in relationships because you lack trust in others or don't think they can hold the level of safety you need. You're used to being manipulated or taken advantage of.
  • Your sense of self-worth fluctuates depending largely on how successful you feel or how others feel about you.
  • You numb yourself with food, alcohol, drugs, sex, work, or exercise to “relax or unwind" or so that you can escape the heavy burden of your emotions. Sometimes so that you can feel them.
  • You identify as (or resonate with) the lone wolf or black sheep, while others see you as overly dramatic, too much, or sensitive.
  • You blame others, current circumstances, or past experiences for your unhappiness, discomfort, or lack of growth and expansion in life or business.
  • You hold back from fully speaking (and embodying) your personal truths because you've been shunned, shamed, or punished when you have. You may even feel jealous of those that can do so with ease.
  • You feel guilt or shame over a past experience (maybe one you keep secret), even though you tell yourself it shouldn’t bother you. Perhaps you even judge yourself harshly.
  • You’re successful on paper and have accomplished some major goals, but you can’t seem to get your life together in the way that you want - and it’s not because you haven't tried.

You’re freaking tired of allowing your past to dictate your life! But you’ve been living with all of it for so long that you don’t know how NOT to. Or how much power it has over you...

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I see you. 

I see your beauty and your pain. Your joy and your sorrows. The burdens and shame that you carry. As well as the love you hold in your heart. I want you to know that the pain doesn't have to stay. You deserve so much more than the old stories still leading your current experience. You're ready!

Your soul was created to shine in all its glory, but your past is standing in the way and blocking your light. 


Your mind has gone into protective mode, burying the past deep down inside. But the body remembers what the mind forgets. 


Your past, even when buried deep, is standing in the way of things you desire: love, success, freedom, financial security.


And let's be real...the things you’ve been trying just aren’t working for you. No amount of vision boards, affirmations, or crystals will be able to heal the pain that runs this deep.


You know things need to change...

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you're sick of feeling undervalued, misunderstood, judged, and excluded.

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you're sick of the failed relationships and wondering what's wrong with you.

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you're sick of being "strong" and trying to hold it together all the time so you don't fall apart.

But it doesn't have to be that way...

I invite you to join me on a special and sacred journey.

Where you have full permission to do things differently. To share the truth of what's deep inside - as you begin to awaken and heal all parts of you - especially the ones you've kept hidden.

You have the power within you to heal it all. 

You can explore all sides of yourself - safely - and finally loosen the grip your past has on you. 

But in order for you to move through your pain, you must first embrace it. You have to let it move through you... and listen to the guidance it gives you.

Your pain is your greatest teacher. 

It can shower you with incredible gifts and perspectives. It can help you usher in a new chapter in your life.

When you’ve been through something traumatic (big or small) and don't truly process the pain, it can resurface in many different ways.  

This pain gets lodged in your body and literally blocks you from hearing the wise counsel of your soul (aka your intuition).

But when you're able to fully release the pain, your inner wisdom begins to guide you, and you become a powerful force to be reckoned with.

You become unstoppable.

I'm simply here to help you awaken to your power.

The world needs your light.

Are you ready to take the first step?



Imagine what your life would be like if you...

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Felt renewed, aligned, inspired, and at peace - entering a stage of happiness you've never experienced before - because your past no longer dictates your present.

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Had perfect clarity on the steps you should take to resolve any challenge on your path. The days of “I can’t” turn into “I can”, making any goal easily attainable.

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Were crystal clear about your mission and soul’s calling - seizing incredible opportunities when they come your way.

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Experienced an upgrade in your finances and your relationships. Life is fully supporting you because you know your worth and settle for nothing less than you deserve. 

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Could listen to your body’s wisdom and trust fully in your intuition (gut) when it tells you if a relationship, situation, environment, or choice is safe and aligned for you.

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Allowed yourself to be fully seen and heard. Speaking from a place of truth, power, and confidence - unbothered if others are triggered by you as it's got nothing to do with you.

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My mission is to help you uncover and release the true source of your suffering so that you're finally free.


Evolve. It's Time To Rise!

5 powerful sessions to help you break through the pain of your past and claim control of your future.


And it begins the instant you say yes!


*Sessions have been previously recorded live AND you get lifetime access.

Do all 5 days back to back, 1 day per week, or on a timeline of your choosing.*



You Ready?

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Here’s your chance to experience 6 weeks of clearing, healing, integrating, and restoring -- through a combination of meditation, Kundalini Yoga, energy healing, EFT Tapping, body healing, and subconscious reprogramming.


What they're saying about working with me...

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“She knows exactly how to get to the heart of an issue quickly!”

"Lissette is nothing short of a miracle worker. Her wisdom and knowledge are remarkable and she knows exactly how to get to the heart of an issue quickly. She has an ease and comfort that makes you feel safe and secure. That makes it easy to open up to new thinking and insights. Her support and warmth only add to how wicked smart she is, making your time with her enjoyable, helpful, transformative, and uplifting. She needs to be cloned!"


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“It is so crazy that just within this time, I am a whole new person.”

"I had hit an all-time low in my life. I didn’t even know what I’d expect, and let me tell YOU...I am at peace. I feel amazing! My mindset has changed drastically! I am in an amazing place! I can’t even remember the last time (or if I ever) said that. I no longer snap back and get irritated. I have more patience. I’ve learned to let go of past wounds. Things I honestly thought I could never get over. The most WONDERFUL thing I can say that has happened is that I LOVE myself."


All you need to do is say yes. 



Here's how it all shakes out...


The Inner Child

No matter how old you are, you have an inner child inside of you who is connected to the stories of your past. It’s time to reconnect with your inner child, listen to the feelings that are buried away, and finally start the healing process.  

In session 1, you will: 

  • Confront the traumas (physical, sexual, mental, and otherwise) you’ve experienced that are still impacting you.  
  • Learn how to identify if and when your inner child is the one running the show.
  • Reconnect and develop a positive relationship with your inner child.
  • Begin to heal your inner child using a combination of meditation, Kundalini Yoga, energy healing, EFT Tapping, body healing, and subconscious reprogramming.
  • And more...
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The Father Wound

Whether your father was absent (emotionally, physically, or both) or a toxic presence (critical, negative, abusive, etc), the wounds he inflicted are real and deep.

In Session 2, you will: 

  • Learn about “the father wound”, what causes it, how it has impacted you, and the harmful beliefs that are typically associated with it.
  • Assess your relationship with men, masculinity, and your ability to receive (support, love, or money).
  • Begin to heal your father wound using a combination of meditation, Kundalini Yoga, energy healing, EFT Tapping, body healing, and subconscious reprogramming.
  • And more...
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The Mother Wound

Our concept of self was built through the way our mothers interacted with us. In fact, the mother’s influence begins in the womb and even in previous generations.

In Session 3, you will:

  • Learn the signs that could signal the presence of a mother wound in your life.
  • Grasp the cost of not healing your mother wound.
  • Begin to heal your mother wound using a combination of meditation, Kundalini Yoga, energy healing, EFT Tapping, body healing, and subconscious reprogramming.
  • And more...
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The Body

Trauma is not just “in your head”. It impacts your self-esteem, your body image, and can even cause all kinds of physical ailments. In fact, even after your mind represses the memory of trauma, your body still remembers it.

In Session 4, you will:

  • Become aware of how unprocessed trauma is stored in the body.
  • Learn how trauma impacts your relationship with your body as well as physical intimacy (platonic or romantic) with others.
  • Connect with and begin to heal and release trauma from your body using a combination of meditation, Kundalini Yoga, energy healing, EFT Tapping, body healing, and subconscious reprogramming.
  • And more...
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The Self + Integration

After we experience trauma, of any kind, we often protect our true self by creating a false self. As long as we embody our false self, we can never fully heal.

In Session 5, you will:

  • Understand how and why we disconnect from self after trauma. 
  • Understand the important role that self-forgiveness plays in the healing process.
  • Reconnect with and embody your powerful future self.
  • Experience a culmination of healing and integrating (your work over the past week) using a combination of meditation, Kundalini Yoga, energy healing, EFT Tapping, body healing, and subconscious reprogramming.
  • And more...
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It only takes one "yes" to invite great change into your life.

You in?

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"For over 30 years I lived in fear, and now I finally feel free thanks to Lissette.”

"I reached out to see if Lissette could help me with a phobia I had since I was a toddler. It had gotten worse over the years and was affecting how I lived my life. When I spoke to Lissette, I was fearful to even share my phobia because most people did not respond to it as a valid fear. She made me feel safe in sharing and acknowledged that my fear was valid. I loved that she spent time with me to learn about how I acquired this phobia before moving forward with our session. I felt like a weight had lifted after our work together and now it's a non-event. I seriously cannot thank Lissette enough for helping me to shift my energy and change my story around this."


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“Lissette is real. I can finally put my problems to rest.”

"I feel like I've grown so much. I’m able to communicate more efficiently, with less anger or sharpness like I usually do. I've stood up for myself in ways that people praise and compliment, rather than criticize. I have placed myself first so that my job is not taking over my life and I can spend more time with my friends and family. My boyfriend and I are communicating positively, and talking rather than yelling. We are talking about the future (which used to scare the shit out of him and now he's the one bringing it up). Lissette is an excellent teacher. The best advice she gave me happened in those real moments where the truth was shared outright."



Here's what you get when you invest in yourself and Evolve.

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5 pre-recorded coaching and healing sessions with Lissette 
(value = $4999)

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Lifetime access to all materials/bonuses 
(on private membership site)

(value = $499)

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2 powerful (bonus) exercises to expand your wealth, increase prosperity, and call in love.
(value = $97)

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Guided meditations and powerful breathwork, infused with energy healing rays to clear your body, DNA, cellular memory + establish positive imprints (included in sessions)

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Kundalini Yoga practices and mantras to awaken your dormant power, balance your chakras, strengthen your nervous system + reprogram your subconscious mind (included in sessions)

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EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) tapping to reduce physical pain, emotional pain, balance your energy, + anchor new belief systems (included in sessions)

That’s a total of over $5000 in value! 

But I want to make this powerful healing program super accessible.

We all need to heal. Especially now!

That’s why I’m offering this program at the low price of $997. I want saying “yes!” to be an easy decision that makes you feel EXCITED.

Total Value = $5000+

Your Investment $997

Private coaching with me costs thousands per month... This is the PERFECT chance to take advantage of my years of education, training, and expertise for a fraction of that cost!

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Hey there, I'm Lissette LaRue.

 By all accounts, I shouldn’t be where I am today. 

I grew up poor. I was viciously bullied. I endured shame, manipulation, and trauma at the hands of people who were supposed to love and protect me.

When I was 16, I ran away from home in the middle of the night because it was either that or something worse.

And it didn’t stop there. The very thing I tried to run away from continued to chase me…

Until one day, I decided to look at it and declare that it would no longer dictate my life.

These past few years? They've been rough for us all. I can’t deny that. But it’s also been a beautiful experience at the same time. 

It’s given us the gift of healing.

And when I look at what it’s spotlighting in my life, I say, “BRING IT ON!”

Because you know what? 

I’m succeeding because I’ve claimed that there’s no other option.

I’m not here for excuses, blaming, or toxicity.

I’m not here for clap-backs, cliques, or secret competitions.

I'm here to leave a legacy. I'm here to help others heal massively. And, hell yes, I'm here to make bank to do good for myself, my family, and the world.

There’s one thing I know: We can’t up-level if we don’t clear out what’s brewing under the surface.

That’s the murkiness that’s been coming up - and we have to do the healing work to clear it.

It’s time we, as a collective, stopped running away from our pain.

I’m willing to bet you’ve been running from bullshit for way too damn long.

And it’s rearing its ugly head, whether you like it or not because your soul has been asking for better.

Your soul knows that to get better, you have to heal all the mess and pain. That’s the only way you can finally step into the version of YOU that your soul knows is living inside you.

Healing takes work, yes. It takes perspective, resilience, boundaries, pivoting, and consistency too. 

But it doesn't have to leave you begging on your knees for a savior. You can heal, transition, and expand on and WITH purpose. 

And with grace.

Even if you think,” I just can’t even" anymore, I KNOW that you have it in you.

It's time to break free from the grip of your past and start living life on your own terms. You've carried that baggage for far too long!

I’m here to show you the way out.



Because there's something
I need to tell you...

You’ve got an important decision to make.

You can continue to live as a prisoner to fear and blame. 

Or you can step into your full power -- one that's rightfully yours to claim.

It takes a lot of courage, grit, resilience, and radical honesty to look at what's stopping you from rising into your fullness and power. 

I know it's a lot easier to give in to that feeling of powerlessness when your world is in crisis.

When you feel like things are out of your control, it can seem foolish to even try. 

But right now, more than ever, it's time to rise.

This is the moment you've been preparing for.

Trust in the divine power that’s waiting to be birthed through you.

You have what it takes!


Frequently Asked Questions

Ready to Evolve? It's Time To RISE!



I'm honored to guide you!

Total Value = $5000+

Your Investment $997

This could be your PERFECT chance to take advantage of my years of education, training, and expertise!

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