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Lissette LaRue is a Relationship and Trauma Specialist for Executives, Business Owners, Athletes, and Celebrities. With a deep passion for helping individuals rise fully into their power and awaken untapped gifts, Lissette empowers her clients to embody the world-class leaders they were born to be and have the healthy adult relationships they desire (intimate or platonic).

Her mission is to guide her clients back to center, support them in leading from their heart and truth, and assist them in developing an increased capacity for more — not only to keep what they've created but to multiply it.

Lissette believes authentic and integrity-driven leadership is the key to creating instant resonance with one's audience, allowing for genuine impact and global change. She also understands the unique challenges and opportunities these changemakers face, and she's committed to helping them navigate their journey with confidence and boldness like never before.

With a focus on subconscious reprogramming, somatic healing, spiritual growth, and personal development, coupled with her own unique style and approach, Lissette supports her clients in saying goodbye to their limitations and hello to creating meaningful and long-lasting transformations. She offers proven methodologies, customized coaching programs, and deeply healing experiences designed to help individuals shake things up and reach new levels of success and fulfillment.

Through Lissette's guidance, clients graciously tap into their own unique strengths, leap into their next level, and create legacies that inspire others. Her expertise, educational background, and dedication make her a safe and trusted partner for those ready to embrace greatness and make a lasting impact in their respective fields.

To learn more about Lissette LaRue and her coaching services, visit her page here. Take the first step towards becoming the world-class leader you're here to be, and reach out to Lissette today.

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Expert Insights + Topics

  • How to create a life you’re obsessed with by design versus a life dictated by your past or by default 
  • Developing nerves of steel and doubling down on faith, especially during debilitating moments or transitions
  • Knowing if your inner child is helping you or hurting you and when they’re running the show 
  • Becoming your alter-ego versus casually stepping into it when you need a confidence boost
  • Balancing life and business while living in two countries and being coupled up with another entrepreneur
  • The truth about dealing with bouts of depression, and anxiety as a CEO or entrepreneur and what to do about it
  • Entering a healthy relationship after a history of trauma bonds and divorce: what they don’t tell you and how to thrive instead of crashing and burning


  • How your thyroid, finances, and energy are related
  • How to handle whatever comes your way with strength,  grace, and humility
  • How to go from trauma to triumph, even when you’re triggered or have no f**ks left
  • Why you need to get real and vulnerable to make money as an entrepreneur 
  • Owning your confidence in any room and with anyone, even your favorite celebrity
  • How not leading by example and walking your talk is costing you thousands
  • Becoming your most authentic self and slaying it, in-person or online
  • How to improve every relationship in your life for the better
  • How understanding your energy anatomy and clearing your energy for just 1 minute a day can change your life forever

Other Topics


  •  Overcoming or Embracing Perfectionism
  • Social Media 101

  • The Art of Storytelling

  • Entrepreneurship

  • Transitioning with Grace

  • Authenticity versus Performance

  • Personal Growth and Development

  • Mindset and Performance

  • Mental Health and Wellness

  • Trauma and Abuse
  •  Bodywork/Somatic Healing

  •  Healing the Inner Child

  •  Kundalini Yoga and Meditation

  •  The Chakras and Energetic Anatomy

  •  Connecting with Angels and Ancestors

  •  Hypnotherapy and Past Life Regression

  •  Spirituality and Energy Healing

Formal Media Bio

Lissette LaRue, MS, NCC, LPC, CHT, is the driving force behind long-lasting and revolutionary transformation for Executives, Business Owners, Athletes, and Celebrities.

As a Relationship and Trauma Specialist with a track record of leading over 1000 clients through next-level expansions with purpose and grace, Lissette has been instrumental in helping individuals clear deep-seated subconscious wounds stemming from past trauma - enabling them to undergo profound physical, mental, and emotional shifts in business, life, and intimate or platonic relationships.

Her groundbreaking approach, skillfully weaving evidence-based practices in the field of psychology with ancient spiritual and scientific traditions, ultimately sets her apart. Lissette's unique fusion creates a holistic healing experience that is truly incomparable and one-of-a-kind.

Lissette's expertise lies in working with passionate and integrity-driven changemakers, natural-born leaders destined to move mountains and leave their mark on the world. She operates as their guiding force, assisting them in clearing the path to their fullest expression of self, and empowering them to build their empire and legacy by eliminating any remaining obstacles standing in their way. As they enhance and strengthen their relationships.

Equipped with a master's degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling and more than a decade of experience in higher education and mental health agencies, Lissette has honed her craft to perfection. Her exceptional skills were further refined through training with luminaries such as Gabrielle Bernstein, Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa, Belinda Davidson, and Dr. Brian Weiss.

Lissette's work has garnered widespread recognition, earning her well-deserved features in esteemed publications and on platforms such as Yoga Journal, Reebok, Psychology Today, Thrive Global, Medium, and Refinery 29, to name a few.

If you're seeking an extraordinary story of resilience, impact, empowerment, and growth, Lissette LaRue is the person to have in your back pocket. Her own remarkable journey and unwavering commitment to helping others heal from within make her a powerful force in the world of personal development, interpersonal relationships, and transformational healing.

To book or feature Lissette in your next article, podcast, or event, click here.

To feature Lissette in your next article or podcast or to book her for your next event, click here.

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