I Dare You To Release That Bit Left Holding You Hostage.

I Dare You To Release That Bit Left Holding You Hostage.

I dare you to see your story, your relationships, and yourself from a whole new perspective.

And I dare you to look beyond “taking all the right actions” and do the deep inner work that will lead to real transformation in your business, your life, and within your intimate or platonic relationships.

Because no matter how much you have in place, you can’t reach your next breakthrough if you don’t heal yourself from the inside out first.

This is your chance to shift...

  • From comparison to connection
  • From hustle and overwhelm to ease
  • From feeling out of touch to being grounded and present
  • From fearful to empowered
  • From feeling stuck to walking in freedom
  • From hiding parts of you to totally expressed and seen
  • From always striving to finally arriving and thriving
  • From "too much" to fully loved and passionately desired

I’m here to walk you through a profound transformation that will dissolve the strongholds of the actual source of whatever is holding you back and lead you into truly owning your own power with zero guilt or shame.

If you’re ready to love every ounce of yourself, your journey, your life, and your work, book a connection call with me, and let’s reveal a whole new you.

My signature private coaching methodology combines all of the work I’ve learned and done for the past 13 years into a dynamic approach I haven't seen offered anywhere else.

I’ll build a custom experience that’s tailored just for you and designed to support you in all areas of your life.

 Let’s work together to heal the story that’s holding you back and set you on a  path to freedom.

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What clients are saying

"For over 30 years, I lived in fear, and now I finally feel free, thanks to Lissette.”

“I reached out to see if Lissette could help me with a phobia I had since I was a toddler. It had gotten worse over the years and was affecting how I lived my life. When I spoke to Lissette, I was fearful to even share my phobia because most people did not respond to it as a valid fear. She made me feel safe in sharing and acknowledged that my fear was valid. I loved that she spent time with me to learn about how I acquired this phobia before moving forward with our session. I felt like a weight was lifted after our work together and now it's a non-event. I seriously cannot thank Lissette enough for helping me to shift my energy and change my story around this."


Soul Guidance and Sacred Mentoring Coach

“Lissette is a breath of fresh air… like the vitamins that you didn’t know you needed to feel your best.”

“Before working with Lissette, I struggled when it came to setting boundaries around wanting to make others happy and doing what was right for me. Working with her was like speaking to a version of myself that didn’t have my ego involved… like finally healing myself and looking at what I needed. I felt fully heard, supported, loved, and celebrated. Since then, I have totally accepted my power and responsibility to be ME. To do what I was put here to do regardless of how it made anyone else feel. I’ve seen an increase in my own joy, my energy, and enthusiasm in the work that I do. I am using my true gifts, no longer dimming my light, and I feel very aligned when I see my clients… which results in less stress and more energy.

Lissette is a breath of fresh air… like the vitamins that you didn’t know you needed to feel your best. People are missing out on becoming what they didn’t know they could. There’s a little part of us that holds back to keep us safe — Lissette helps that part stand back so the real me can step up.”


Emotional Wellness Coach

I don't believe transitions must be hard or debilitating.

Yes, it takes discipline and radical honesty, but it doesn't have to leave you begging on your knees for a savior.

You can transition and expand ON purpose. (Rather than have someone or something outside you jolt you into the process.)

If you identify as a leader or entrepreneur, it’s nearly impossible to provide the life-changing work you're here to share with the world unless you've outgrown the outdated version of yourself - and have made room for receiving and sustaining that big vision.

I help clients do just that: with grace, poise, authority, and the energy it takes to claim, receive, and keep the level of expansion desired.

(Without the guilt and shame. And without the dramas, traumas, or bullshit stories keeping you stuck in a mental headlock or toxic loop.)

You’re not here to live that one-hit-wonder, feast-or-famine life, boo.

You’re meant to show up undefined, unfiltered, and unapologetic.

You’re meant to share your unique magic and truth with the world.

And you’re meant to live out YOUR desires, too.

That includes your love life. Coupled up or currently single and searching.

I'm here to remind you of who the fuck you are and guide you as you become fully grounded in yourself, your truth, and your mission on this planet.

You weren't born to fall in line, love.

You were born to shake the mother fucking world to its core in the best way - from a grounded, healed, and loving place.

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What clients are saying

"If you are looking for someone magical to help you create changes in your life... look no further.”

“All healers need a healer, and Lissette is second to none! She is incredibly kind, loving, and compassionate. She is so supportive of whatever you are experiencing or going through and has a wide range of modalities and experience to help you move through your perceived limitations about yourself and your body. I have had a couple of healing sessions in the past and didn't feel much, but when Lissette worked her magic, I could feel the shifts and releases in my energy. Sessions with her have changed my life for the better, and I am so grateful that the Universe brought us together. Now I have someone I know I can call upon anytime! Thank you, Lissette!"


Love and Relationship Coach

“After all these years of hating myself, I kind of like me now.”

“Lissette's coaching sessions are magical! If you want to go deep into your body and heal your past hurts, but maybe you don't want to talk it to death, this is the most amazing way to do that. I always feel like I got a massage afterward. But that's not the magic part. The magic happens after - when you realize you put down a heavy burden that you've been carrying around for years. When you realize that the space in your body that held a big chunk of self-loathing now holds beautiful golden light.

I've had a few sessions recently dealing with some pretty difficult stuff, and suddenly it's like the world is opening up because I am opening up to the world. Case in point: I got an email from the gym where I signed up to substitute teach, asking me if I could take a yoga class there for a long-term sub, which is so exciting. And THEN I saw that the meditation I uploaded to Insight Timer got posted and people are listening to it and giving me such nice reviews and feedback. It's like everything is just magically falling into place all of a sudden.

I feel so much lighter and so much more aware of my feelings. Even when I'm not doing the best job being in touch with myself, I know it. I know when I'm not doing the work, or when I'm hiding my sadness in a piece of cake. And I know how to get back on track without beating myself up about it, because, after all these years of hating myself, I kind of like me now.”


Corporate Supervisor

Walk away with a new truth.

Work with me and walk away ready to…

  • Love yourself deeply, and let others love you too
  • Walk into freedom from past and future generations of trauma
  • Transform dynamics in your relationships into empowerment, ease, and flow
  • Run your business with confidence, fully owning your worth
  • Feel confident being visible, seen, and recognized for your contributions
  • Have the confidence to generate the connections and support you’ve been seeking
  • Develop a healthy relationship with money and expand into new financial realities
  • Fully express the woman you were born to become
  • Connect with and commit to the wisdom of your soul and become unstoppable on your destiny’s path
  • Step into shining your light on the world like never before, and become more powerful than you ever imagined
  • Work with the breakthroughs you’ve experienced to ensure lasting change in your life And so much more!


Schedule a time to connect with me and let’s talk about your journey.

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