You're Not Alone...

I know you're busy conquering the world. I also know that sometimes, you need extra support as you're undergoing your next expansion, but not long-term.

My most sought-after healing and activation single sessions are back because of this. Because sometimes you only need one.

These are great for a boost (or clearing) before a TEDx talk, course launch, or stage performance so that you rock it with iconic magnetism and unwavering confidence.

They're also great if you're seeking to mend that one persistent wound.

Point Blank: these sessions are here to empower YOU!

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Activated Energy Session (50 Min)
Energy Expansion Session (90 Min)

About These Sessions...


These Energy Sessions are your ignition key to unlocking your full potential. They're your backstage pass to supercharging your success - if you will.

Whether you're gearing up for a jaw-dropping performance, a TEDx talk that needs extra oomph, or seeking to mend that persistent wound — these sessions are here to empower YOU!

Think of these sessions as a dynamic fusion of energy healing, strategic finesse, and intuitive wizardry. They're all about zapping that one tricky issue (for good) or supercharging your momentum.

Ancestral healing, inner child healing, somatic magic, and a dash of hypnosis and mindset rewiring — I'm fully armed with transformational tools — to help you emerge stronger than ever as you unleash your true and powerful self with the world.

(To be clear: "cookie cutter" is not a thing around here. All sessions are curated specifically for you and your needs. No session is ever alike. But all are provided with the same level of safety, care, and privacy.)

Get set for the perfect balance of strategy for the methodical moves and intuition for those electrifying breakthroughs.

As you may already know, success loves (and needs) internal AND external action. The internal action ensures that your external transformation sticks, putting you on the fast track toward achieving your desires. And THAT is my jam.

Doing it "alone" is not it. Enough waiting in the shadows, too. Neither has ever been the vibe. Let's ignite your success with an Energy Session and set the world ablaze!

Having me on retainer costs thousands per month. You're definitely welcome to inquire about that, too. Nevertheless, this is the PERFECT opportunity to take advantage of my years of education, training, and expertise for a fraction of that cost — in one session.

It's time for the rise of the authentic, integral, multi-passionate, and heart-centered leader like you to take center stage even more.

I'm honored to help you do it!

Are you ready to RISE UP?
~ Lissette

P.S. Session expires 6 months from the date of purchase.

Activated Energy Session (50 Min)
Energy Expansion Session (90 Min)

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