You’ve Been Holding It All Together For So Long…

You’ve Been Holding It All Together For So Long…

The world has led you to believe that you have to prove your own worth one goal at a time. That who you are as a partner, mother, daughter, friend, and human being is directly tied to what you do with your time on earth.

As a passionate, world-class woman, motivated to affect powerful change, you often don’t realize you’re seeking validation in all the wrong places. Not only that, but you tend to mistake this broken paradigm for a challenge, and may have even made it your life’s mission to win it.

In reality, that approach to living your life is part of what’s holding you captive. A roadblock that will continue to stand between you and your wildest dreams… unless we stop and break it down for good.

Together, we can peel away the layers that have trapped you in shame, fear, guilt, and insecurity — and unleash the world-changer within you.

I do things differently, and it works.

I’m not your traditional life coach, business coach, or psychotherapist. I’m not your traditional healer or yoga teacher either.

I weave each of these aspects together into a powerful, holistic approach designed to support you in all areas of your life and heal you from the inside out… so that you can step into the woman you’re destined to be, and fully love and accept her.

The truth is, most of us have experienced some form of trauma in the past, that’s turned into a core wound, that’s now manifesting in our daily lives. And in most cases, one or two of those wounds are holding us hostage in ways we don’t even recognize.

Here are just a few ways that your core wound is likely showing up in your life and work:
(p.s. they don't all have to be true for you)

  • You don't fully express who you are when you speak (and become vanilla) to avoid abandonment or judgment (people don't know the real you)
  • You fear being judged and/or fear losing those you care about the more you expand in your life or business (you still fear being fully seen)
  • You're unable to set the boundaries you need to set in order to obtain the success you seek (beyond the superficial)
  • You’ve developed a desperate need to control everything (and everyone) in your life out of a deeply rooted need for safety (and to manipulate a successful outcome)
  • You blame yourself harshly when goals or expectations aren't met as you envisioned (you become the voice of someone who's spoken to you in the same way)
  • You’re ashamed of (or hate) your body and/or feel completely disconnected from it (or have an on/off relationship with it)
  • You subconsciously expect others to give you the love and attention your loved ones couldn't (this includes teachers or mentors)
  • You feel like you never have enough, or never make enough, no matter what you do (always striving but never fully arriving)
  • You feel undeserving or unworthy of goodness that enters your life (and when it does, you think it’ll be taken from you)

If you’re ready for real physical, mental, and emotional healing from the subconscious wounds standing in your way, it’s time for us to connect.

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I learned to weave a new story for myself, and so can you.

For years, I kept dark stories hidden deep within me that haunted me at every turn. I played everything small, afraid to take risks or let people in. I was afraid to shine my light into the world, and I hid behind several addictions and limiting beliefs.

I carried guilt and shame around with me for years… until I decided enough was enough.

I never gave up.

I faced what was holding me back and healed my way to freedom… and I can walk you through the same transformation.

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I’ve helped over a thousand clients re-write their own stories, and I’ll help you do the same.

I use a special combination of techniques that I’ve practiced over the past 13 years — methods that have been tested for years in the field of psychology and ancient spiritual tools and technologies based on science.

I’ll weave them together to create a tailored, unique-to-you healing experience that will lead you into deep, meaningful change in your life.

It’s time for you to do the real work required to start fully loving yourself, your work, and your life.

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What clients are saying:

“She knows exactly how to get to the heart of an issue quickly.”

“Lissette is nothing short of a miracle worker. Her wisdom and knowledge are remarkable and she knows exactly how to get to the heart of an issue quickly. She has an ease and comfort that makes you feel safe and secure. That makes it easy to open up to new thinking and insights. Her support and warmth only add to how wicked smart she is, making your time with her enjoyable, helpful, transformative, and uplifting. She needs to be cloned!”


Founder, Global Media Fusion/MovieHatch

"In one hour, she helped me release years of blocked emotions.”

"Lissette is one of the most powerful healers I ever had the privilege of working with! Before working with Lissette, I held a lot of resentment toward people from my past and unconscious blocks that held me back personally and professionally that I was not even completely aware of or even knew how to move through. After working with her, I became more forgiving, open, understanding, and life naturally became completely different. I was able to heal old relationships, show up more for myself in business and life, and became even more unapologetic about completing my purpose on this earth.

“I am also living more in my heart while being less afraid of getting hurt, and that makes life so much freer. Working with Lissette was a completely life-changing experience, and I would recommend her to anyone that wants to show up more for themselves and their life. She is a genius in her field! She was a guest speaker for my school, and all of my students were mind-blown by her too. She is a wealth of knowledge, and her work is what the world needs.


International Business and Leadership Consultant and Educator

CEO of The University of Wellness

"She's fun, honest, brilliant, and totally tapped in. Just one session brought me a lifetime of healing. 

“Lissette is an incredible psychotherapist, coach, and healer. Plus, she's a total badass and a sweet friend. We set up a time to talk right away after an incident I encountered. She grounded me back into my body and allowed me to understand why I was triggered by the incident and what subconscious wound had been resurfaced. I can't praise her work enough! I'll always be grateful."


Storyteller, Intuitive Astrologist, & Confidence Coach

Host of Curiously Confident Podcast

"I felt instant relief and ended up rocking my speaking gig!”

”Lissette is absolutely amazing!! I booked a session with her when I was suffering from back pain and an intense fear of public speaking. She intuitively knew exactly what I needed to heal - she even sensed where my pain was before I told her. After our work together, I felt instant relief and I ended up rocking my speaking gig! Lissette is so patient, encouraging, and incredibly gifted. If you're looking for deep physical and emotional healing, she's your girl!"


Spiritual Life Coach


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