I Walk The Talk. Here's My Story.

I Walk The Talk. Here's My Story.

Over the past four years, I’ve experienced the most fierce form of change and growth. Hell, my transformation was so rapid and intense that I don't even recognize the person I was six months ago.⁣⁣
I shed more than half of my so-called friends, peers, and acquaintances. Those that only come around when you have big wins or something they can benefit from.⁣⁣
I shed intricately layered beliefs and stories telling me I wasn't worthy, good enough, or deserving. Turns out I still had deeply veiled trust wounds to work through.⁣⁣
I also shed old mindsets, bad habits, material attachments, and codependent behaviors. Hello, all the shit I thought I cleared long ago. But I welcomed the deeper surrender.⁣

None of this happened in the way you might guess, though. It was pretty sneaky because I wasn't codependent on being provided for but rather on people's opinions, judgments, and views of me.⁣

And I allowed them to sway my moves unconsciously. I lived (my) life according to how it would benefit and keep everyone happy. Not just me.⁣

Even after being on "the healing path" for nearly two decades. Even after becoming a well-known and often referred to licensed psychotherapist. Even after thinking I was the queen of boundaries.⁣

It wasn't until I stopped and took a good look at where I was in life, where I wanted to go, and the "things" still in the way that life really started to shift for me.⁣

Not to mention, while I was going through all of this shedding, I couldn't move my body for nearly two of those years. What your mind forgets, your body always remembers...⁣

That was the most challenging part for me, to be honest, because I've always lived a very active lifestyle. I love dancing, lifting, running, and, most of all… Kundalini Yoga. I am a teacher of it, after all.⁣

But I could barely lift a laundry basket.⁣

And life continued to move on me, urging me to change everything. It started with the identity I had perfectly curated to keep myself "safe."⁣

And as if that wasn't enough for me to get the freaking point, I also lost three significant relationships and walked away from a 15-year marriage.


Yes, all of this in just four years.


It felt like total shit at first. It felt like I was losing myself. But I quickly realized that I never actually even knew my person… I was merely distracting myself from the pain. ⁣

But, because of this pain and my commitment to releasing it, I can truthfully say that I feel liberated and at peace in my heart as I write this. The peace I'd been in search of for so many years...⁣

I can also say that I'm genuinely ALL of me - despite who's around me. Big name or not. We're all the same, and I treat everyone as such.


I know what I want, and I know what I deserve. I go after it, and I get it — with zero apologies or guilt that I'm asking for too much. In business, life, and relationships. Intimate or platonic.

I let my intuition guide me.


My shift was so noticeable to everyone else around me that even my hairdresser said to me: "I've never seen anyone change as much as you did and as quickly as you did. You're completely different; I don't know what it is or what you did. But I'm so proud of you"... ⁣

At first, I thought she was just being nice, but when I looked in the mirror… I finally saw what she did. I was so caught up in the releasing work that I had forgotten to celebrate how far I'd come and the incredible woman that had emerged. ⁣

I walk the talk. I utilize the practices I share with my clients. And I'm not afraid of taking the risks necessary to become my best self. As an adult, I can no longer blame my parents.


And I want to help guide you on your journey.


So that you can continue to create powerful and positive change in your life, too. So that you can clear all the things that cause dis-ease in your life, your relationships, and your physical body. And so that your family, clients, and lineage can benefit too. ⁣

First, I want to celebrate you for how far you've come. If you're anything like me, you've worked through some deep shit too.⁣

Second, I also know what it's like to feel like you've done tremendous amounts of self-development work and STILL have old junk to let go of for your next evolution.⁣

It's quite normal, actually. As they say, "new levels, new devils." There's no way around it. But if you're ready to feel even more liberated and grounded in your mind, body, and heart, let’s chat.⁣

I changed my own story through amazing new tools that I learned along the way - which are now part of my signature methodology - to provide you with an exclusive healing experience of your own.


The same methods that changed my life are the ones I’ve mastered in order to help you change yours, too.


Work with me one-on-one for an experience (unlike you've seen) that’s tailored to your specific needs... and you’ll start to see things in a whole new light. ⁣

You’ll weave a whole new story for yourself... and live each day fully present in the moments that matter most, with nothing standing in your way.⁣

It's time for you to live the life and business of your dreams, your way... it's time for you to have the relationships you crave, too, intimately or platonically... as you fully embody the real you, walking confidently into your destiny... while you expand your empire and build your legacy.


Ready to set yourself free?


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