Is Your Belief System Working For You?

belief systems change childhood identity programming self-empowerment Jan 06, 2017

“It is not in the learning of something new that we discover our true identity, it is the unlearning of what we believe to be true that has us realize the truth of who we already are. In this realization, we access peace and self-empowerment for thriving with and through illness.”

We have all been programmed to have certain belief systems that are, well…not so good, whether it be “don’t trust others”, “you’ll never be good enough”, or “you have to work really, really, really hard to move forward in life”. These have either been told to us throughout our lives (most likely from childhood) or they have been compounded with a series of events that happen to us over and over again. Or so we think…

One thing that I always ask my clients when I see a belief system that may not be serving them well is where this belief system came from. Once we are able to see the “where”, and are now aware that this belief system may not be the best ever, we can begin to work on it. Now, is this a right or wrong issue? No. However, if your current belief system is not allowing you to move forward in life and keeps you stuck then maybe it’s time for a change, no?

So, as an example, if your belief is that you cannot trust others, are you only seeing events that prove you right? So, in other words, are you missing all those events where you have trusted someone and they did not break your trust? BUT, because you are filtered to only see that trust will always be broken you continue to validate this thought pattern. You continue to prove yourself right. My next question is, how is that working for you? If you are feeling as though you are alone or are feeling lonely then I am guessing this belief is not working very well for you. How can we let love in (which is what you may be seeking) if you are closed off? It doesn’t flow in or out…

If your belief system is working for you then good for you. You have mastered something that most of us cannot. If it is not working for you, where do you start? One thing for sure is that you do not start to blame others as these beliefs have most likely been passed down from generation to generation, and if you don’t know it’s a negative belief then there cannot be change. This is where, as an adult, you can now take ownership of your thoughts and question if your beliefs are helping or hurting you. You also begin to break the cycle. Guess what happens when you break the cycle? You do not pass this on to your own children.

Is this easy to do? Sometimes. However, most of the time it will take work as it took time for your current belief system to develop to what it is today, but it CAN be done. It begins with acceptance. Just accepting the fact that your thought pattern or belief system is not working for you allows you to “own it” and then “change it”. It allows you to become open to other ways of thinking and looking at the world just a bit differently – more open. As some people can be trusted, and it does not always take super hard work to get to where you want to be in life, and you are most definitely good enough. It is not all or nothing, grays do exist. You have all the power here!

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