Are You Broken?

self love Mar 19, 2015

You are never broken!

When you decide to give yourself what you feel others cannot give you, you begin to notice extreme shifts. The sadness, the pain, the anger, or the loss you carry around just falls off. It all goes away in an instant. You just need to be willing to give to the person that needs it the most. That person is you.

Whether someone took your love and did not return it or you opened up to someone and trust was broken – please know that this is their junk and not yours. What they did to you or how they treated you was not about you but all to do with them.

When we are hurt, we naturally close ourselves off to the world to protect ourselves but what we don’t realize is that we are also closing ourselves off to love, opportunities, and happiness. What we all seek.

So what do you do? Continue to let love in and allow yourself to vibrate on a higher plane as you give yourself that love that was not returned or trust that was broken. It comes from within. Once you realize that this comes from within everything else naturally falls into place.

Why will everything naturally fall into place? Because when you love yourself for who you are, rather than seeking it elsewhere, you will realize that you are already loved, that you are important, that you are worth it, and that you will achieve what you want In life because no one can stop you.

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