You're Not Always Running The Show…

Contrary to popular belief, your inner child, or younger self, doesn't vanish once you become an adult. ⁣


They're always there behind the scenes, whether you realize it or not. 


And when your sense of security is threatened, or you're afraid… your inner child takes over... and behaves negatively due to unresolved trauma or pain.


Only it's through your adult self today.⁣


As you're already gathering, your younger self doesn't care about how grown you think you are, your many successes, or how much money you currently make. Their main goal is to feel protected, loved, nurtured, and safe.


And until you can provide them with what they seek, they will continue to cause mayhem in your present-day life.


And it's not just you; it presents similarly for everyone.

But lucky for you, that ends today.


The Reality…

I'm sure you've heard of different variations or schools of thought where it's said that you're many ages showing up at any given moment, regardless of your current age. And that's true. 


When you go through painful or intense experiences and feelings that you can't make sense of - either due to your level of comprehension or compounded stress at the time - it creates a log in your brain. 


A log that then becomes a part of your neurological wiring so that you don't forget it. (It's for safety and protection.)


This "programming," however, (your thoughts and beliefs about self and the person/people involved) then becomes a part of who you are. It becomes the way in which you make sense of your world. And even your place in it.


In some cases, it can temporarily assist you by keeping you "safe" as you filter future experiences from that space – that programming. 


However, the problem arises when you continue to behave in the same way or accept the same things when it's no longer helping you but keeping you stuck or stagnant.


Because it's not your current day self communicating through you, it's the 5, 10, or 15-year-old that didn't or couldn't fully process the traumatic experience they went through.


However, when you can reconnect with your inner child and listen to the buried feelings and uncomfortable sensations or pain held in your body...


You become a better leader for your employees and clients, a better parent for your kids, a better spouse for your partner, and a better advocate for yourself.

You also begin to heal the actual source of any illnesses, physical ailments, or mental health issues - eradicating the need for medications.


The Inner Child Wound Impact… 

Your inner child shows up most often in situations that trigger strong emotions, discomfort, or old wounds.


If you can trace these feelings back to specific childhood events, you'll begin to realize that the situations in your adult life trigger the same or similar responses.


Here's how it can show up in your life/biz:

  • Feeling angry, sad, or not good enough when your needs aren't met in the exact way you envision it

  • Feeling invalidated or ashamed as a result of messages noting that you're "too loud" or "too much," even though it's the fullest expression of you

  • Feeling rejected or abandoned when plans are canceled, pushed back, or responses take longer than you imagine

  • Feeling like a failure when you hear the word no, lose a contract, or a potential sale

  • Feeling insecure when you're required to be fully present and visible - either on stage, on camera, or when launching a course

  • Feeling guilt, shame, or anxiety when having to set boundaries beyond what you're comfortable


And these are just a few examples. But as you can see, it's crucial to be able to identify if and when your inner child is the one running the show in your adult life today...

So that you can immediately resolve it, improving your life and your relationships on every level. Especially the one with yourself. And developing a positive relationship with your inner child will get you there.

It's time to clear your childhood wounds for good and live out the mission and dream you imagined long ago.⁣


The Masterclass...


After taking this masterclass, you'll have gained a deep understanding of "the inner child wound" as well as the various inner child archetypes - including the environmental causes and subconscious limiting beliefs typically associated with it.

You'll learn how to tell if and when your inner child is running the show in your present life and what to do about it.⁣

You'll connect with your inner child through a powerful healing meditation to release childhood anger - without you having to know the actual source.

And you'll begin to break through stubborn habits and addictions that stem from your childhood wounds.

It's time to clear your inner child wound(s) once and for all and embody your younger self's sense of wonder and playfulness so that you can live out the mission and dream you imagined long ago.

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