In Case You Didn't Know...

There's a reason you hit a plateau and can't seem to surpass your already impressive accomplishments and achievements in life or business.


 (No matter how much cash you throw at it or how hard you try to break through it).


There's a reason you "can't find" the love you truly desire and instead accept counterfeit versions, intimate or platonic. Or think "all the good ones are taken" and sabotage what could be a healthy, passionate, and deeply fulfilling relationship.


(Even with your current partner).


There's a reason you're highly critical of yourself (or others), your emotions fluctuate often, or you're frequently "stressed out" and burnt out. 


(Even though you say it's due to "all the things" you have going on or are trying to balance or achieve.)

There's a reason you automatically and unconsciously tend to accept, settle, or even strive for less. Or feel undeserving of receiving an overflow of love, abundance, wealth, time, and support. 


(Although you call it "unnecessary," "selfish," or "greedy.")


There's also a reason you keep "fumbling the bag" and live in a constant feast or famine cycle. 


(And secretly envy those who seem to get whatever they request and more. Even when they're not asking.)


And if you're finally sick and tired of it, genuinely desire lasting change, and are ready for all the "pinch me, this is my dream life" moments.


(Instead of the surface-level, "let's see if this works," slap-on-a-bandaid methods.)


I can help you release the actual bullshit keeping you stuck there - mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. And for good.


You're Not Alone...

Whether your father was absent (emotionally, physically, or both) or a toxic presence (critical, negative, abusive, etc.) in your life, the wounds he inflicted are real and deep. 


The impact and powerful unconscious influence these "old wounds" have on every aspect of your life is significant. And whether you're male or female doesn't matter. Because trauma doesn't discriminate.


You see, we all come into the world as helpless and dependent - needing to be accepted, treated as worthy, and blessed.


The "father wound," which refers to father absenteeism, is the absence of this type of love from your birth father.


And no matter how you experience the father wound and this absence of love, it can leave you feeling conflicted. 


There are so many questions and wondering that are attached to the wound. There's also a lot of shame, embarrassment, and hiding.


It can be challenging to admit the gravity of this wound in your life and confront it. It's much easier to pretend it doesn't exist and convince yourself that you don't care. That ends today.



The Father Wound Impact...


The most profound impact of the father wound is low self-esteem, persistent emotional pain, and doing life from a performative state ‚Äď always "doing" versus "being" in an effort to seek the love that was denied or unable to be given.


Guess what happens when it's left unhealed?


Every relationship, whether it's intimate, platonic, or professional, gets a taste of your wound, which often leads to the demise of it.


Because instead of "being" in the relationship and learning from it, the wound runs the show.


And you show up from a place of neediness, feeling unimportant, feeling undeserving, and constantly seeking approval in your actions (and the things you say) to prove that you ARE deserving of the love you were always meant to have from birth.


It's a nasty cycle that repeats itself until it's cleared. And it often happens on a subconscious level - which makes it even more tricky. This is where self-awareness, radical honesty, and acknowledgment come into play.


As it'll run (and even ruin) your life and future relationships without you understanding your role and then actively and intentionally healing it.


Because while the so-called "toxic" relationship may end, the cycle will eventually repeat. The players just change, and you'll sit there wondering why you continue to call in the same type of people.


It'll also hold you back from being the absolute powerhouse you're meant to be. And ain't nobody got time to live that mediocre life!


The Masterclass...


After taking this masterclass, you'll have gained a deep understanding of "the father wound," how it shows up in your present world, and its ridiculously powerful (and unconscious) influence in every part of your life.


You'll also become aware of the destructive beliefs you have that are typically associated with the father wound and how the father wound is directly connected to your ability and capacity to receive love, money, and support. 


You'll assess your relationships (including the one with yourself), beliefs, and ability to welcome (and keep) what you desire in life, business, and relationships.


And you'll immediately start to initiate the clearing process with me as your guide!


It's time to clear your father wound for good and truly LIVE your dream life.


Welcome To...
Waving Goodbye To The Father Wound Masterclass. 



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* A variety of quick, powerful, sustainable, and safe healing activations, evidenced-based practices, and techniques aimed to clear your source of concern and dis-ease


* An accompanying workbook with additional reflection questions, journaling prompts, and exercises to incorporate right away and keep you accountable


* A lifetime of transformation - with yourself, your body, your finances, your relationships, your love life, your parenting, and your profession (now that's priceless)


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