Here’s What You Need To Know…

Healing begins with the awareness and recognition that there's a disconnection in the first place. It also takes accepting that it's your responsibility to feel better and change old patterns, behaviors, and beliefs. 


And while that may be a tough pill to swallow, especially because the wounds and pain inflicted were initiated by someone else, it's not a lifelong process. It also doesn't have to be debilitating.


More importantly, it doesn't mean you have to pump the breaks on life. You've got big things to bring into existence, I know.


And yes, life will always present you with varying challenges and experiences (great and uncomfortable) that may leave a lasting impact on your heart and mind along the way... 


But it becomes more manageable. You come back quicker and easier each time. And you're able to do so from a grounded and stable place. 


But when you haven't healed from within... 

You'll attempt to protect yourself by creating a false self. A shield to guard your vulnerable core, if you will. And the longer you embody a fake version of who you truly are, you won't fully heal. Which means you won't grow.


Instead, you'll constantly feel a nagging feeling of discomfort inside. And that will be the driver of your decisions. And you don't need me to tell you how it'll prevent you from living the fulfilling life you deserve. 


You're already seeing it happening.


But think about how much you can level up if you actually invest into yourself. Not just financially - but emotionally, spiritually, mentally, and physically.


It's time to rise above your fears and make the correct choices for you – in how you live, what you think, and how you be. And it's time to embrace and initiate your next transformation. 


Do you feel that excitement brewing within you?


You Might Not Be Depressed Or Anxious…

Suppose I were to tell you that you're not actually "depressed" or dealing with anxiety. And that you've just outgrown the people or situations around you.

And that's why you feel alienated, sad, alone, or stressed out. How does that resonate in your body?

Because it's actually a possibility that you're in a place you're no longer meant to be and that you just forgot or didn't learn how to listen to your intuition.


Sure, it's a bit harder when you have unresolved trauma. Your trauma can speak loudly, making you think it's your intuition talking. But when you can clear it and practice the "listening part," you begin to see what your intuition was trying to tell you all along. 


Learning how to listen is up to you, however. Choosing to listen is too. The more you do, though, the more you'll experience the healing and peace within that you desire. Simply by listening and following the guidance and wisdom it has to offer you.


Physical pain happening alongside your expansion is a thing too. Sometimes it's not that old injury flaring up. Pain in your body - when you're on the brink of an up-level or shifting into a completely new lifestyle – happens more often than you think. 


Here's what being on the edge of a significant uplevel or breakthrough can also look like: 


- Having a fear of the unknown

- Experiencing self-doubt or insecurity

- Feeling a loss of connection with yourself or others

- Constantly feeling exhausted

- Feeling alone or like no one understands

- Feeling like an imposter

- Feeling regret or nostalgic

- Often feeling overwhelmed or stressed out

- Experiencing frequent sleep issues

- Fluctuating moods and difficulty managing it


It's high time you unzip all the old versions, patterns, and behaviors you've nestled into as you fearlessly walk into your new reality. Stable, confident, and grounded.


Because that mediocre life ain't it for you, boo.


The False Or Wounded Self Impact…


It can be hard to know when you're living life from the wounded self, the false self, or what you might call the "survival brain." Especially when you've also experienced personal or collective trauma. Its appearance in your life will only further assist in masking the real issue.

And let's be real, your doctor isn't going to tell you this. But I will. Here are some ways to know if you're operating from the wounded or false self:

  • Lack of focus: Things may seem foggy most of the time, or your ability to concentrate suddenly becomes harder. This can look like having trouble finishing an activity in a focused manner or how you "usually" can.

  • Changes in memory: You may have difficulty remembering experiences, situations, or things that happen throughout the day. This can look like your partner or friend asking how your day was, and you may honestly not know.

  • Fatigue: You may feel more physically, mentally, and emotionally tired. And more often. This can look like never feeling fully rested, no matter how much or how often you do rest or relax.

  • Emotional reactivity: You may become upset more often about things you wouldn't normally react to. This can look like being snippier, grumpier, or crying more easily.

  • Forgetting to self-care: You may forget or not want to care for yourself. This can look like forgetting to brush your teeth, wash your face, or even change your bed sheets. This can also look like focusing less attention (or any) on your appearance, body movements, and what you eat.

  • Increased impulsivity: You may find that your spending increases. It might be more impulsive, too. This can look like eating out more, buying more things to feel good, or engaging in activities you might not generally do because "you only live once."


So as you can see, it's relatively easy to misdiagnose yourself. Now, I'm not saying that you don't also have old wounds that are contributing to your symptoms. What I AM saying is that it's not the whole picture. Look deeper.


The good news is that it's all changeable and fixable. Clearing what's underneath the surface will benefit you greatly if this applies to you. Otherwise, you'll continue living in a place of fog, insecurity, fluctuating moods, and a deep, internal sense of lack.


But we both know that's not how you do. You understand that all the old versions of you can no longer reach toward or even come along to the next place you're headed.

This masterclass will help you clear the wounds, and the path, so that you can step into your future self as soon as today.


The Masterclass...


After taking this masterclass, you'll have gained a deep understanding of "the wounded or false self" and how operating from this space impacts your life and relationships - including the development of insecure attachment styles.


You'll also be able to identify the "symptoms" indicating that you're on the edge of a significant uplevel or identity shift, and you'll be able to recognize when physical pain in your body is signaling the need for a change or expansion rather than it being " just an old flare-up."


You'll know exactly how the wounded self presents in your life and whether or not you're in a place you're no longer meant to be. And you'll begin to reconnect with (and live from) your powerful future self through a culmination of healing and integrative exercises.


It's time to heed the guidance of your soul and intuition and experience your best evolution and transformation yet. This is the moment where you not only bounce back from every setback...


You also enter new realms of peace, strength, confidence, and prosperity. And all forms of abundance, too.

Welcome To…
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