Regardless Of What You've Been Told…

Trauma isn't just "in that pretty little head of yours." Sure, it impacts you mentally. It also impacts your self-esteem, body image, and relationships. 


But few are talking about how it can also cause all kinds of physical ailments and illnesses over time. This is because even after your mind represses the memory of trauma, your body still remembers every single part of it.


And it'll wreak havoc in your life if left uncleared.


Not only does your body keep track of all the wounds you carry - in addition to those belonging to your mother and ancestors - it also holds onto pain in an attempt to nurture or protect you.


And sometimes, your body attempts to speak with you through physical pain or discomfort to alert you of something important. Especially when your boundaries are being crossed. So if you suddenly develop a rash, feel physical pain, develop an illness, or even your appetite changes, this is why.


Because of this, traditional talk therapy doesn't always work. You can talk all day long about your problems and their possible solutions, but if you don't address your body, not much will happen or shift for you.


Or it'll be short term. Leaving you feeling even more confused and frustrated the moment you, or your body, get triggered. 


That's why the somatic work, in addition to the above, is so important. To clear away what your mind simply cannot.


Your Body Still Remembers…

As a baby or young child, your brain isn't formed enough to articulate (or even comprehend) anything uncomfortable or traumatic. You don't even have the words developed yet or the language to convey it. 


You also don't have a conscious memory ‚Äď especially before age 3. And this is where it gets tricky...


Not only is it already challenging to navigate relationships for so many other reasons, but when you've experienced trauma in childhood, especially trauma that's violated your body's consent, you may be reluctant to (and push away) any forms of intimacy or touch.


This makes it even more confusing when you're unsure of where your uncomfortableness (or immediate need for space) comes from.


This is because what your mind forgets, the body still remembers. 


And sometimes, when you begin healing and returning back to your body, you may feel more aches, pains, and fatigue. When you're chronically dissociated from the present or living from a state of urgency and survival, you disconnect from what's happening in your body. 


So you can't "feel" or know when it's genuinely in pain or distress. It's an innate safety mechanism, even though it's not beneficial for you.


Let's free your body (physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually) of all the garbage it's held onto for much too long now!



The Impact Of The Invisible Wound...

Your body will always speak to you, but it'll think of many creative ways to get your attention if you don't listen. For example, it may attempt to express itself through an illness, unexplainable pain, gut issue, or hormonal imbalance.

And it'll happen frequently when triggered by a smell, song, close-by date, or even a color on a wall that mirrors the experience it hasn't yet healed from.

Eventually, it'll manifest into an illness you won't be able to heal through Western medicine - no matter how hard or long you try.

Because until you heal the wound - the actual source - you'll keep spending your cash money on tricks that won't do a damn thing for you but drain your time and energy.

So if you've got one (or a few) unexplained issues with your body and you've been to a bunch of doctors, for years, with no rhyme or reason for the culprit could be. Or what they've tried just doesn't seem to work…

Chances are, it's an "invisible wound" that's weakened the body's defenses and manifested as an illness. Essentially, your traumatic unhealed emotional experiences are causing the dis-ease within your body.

Here are some other ways in which unhealed trauma can show up in the body:

  • Feeling easily overwhelmed

  • Feeling "on edge"

  • Constant muscle tension or tightness

  • Chest tightness

  • Trouble sleeping

  • Nightmares

  • Memory issues

  • Brain fog or difficulty focusing

  • Anxiety and avoidance

  • Depression

  • Gut issues

  • Intolerances to foods

Experiencing trauma can also shrink your window of tolerance, which is the sweet spot where you feel like you can handle stressful situations without them becoming too much for you. Without it, you'll have less patience and become frustrated and emotionally reactive more often.

And sometimes, your body will hold onto pain because it serves you in some way, perhaps via attention, love, care, time, or the ability to rest. It also protects you from having to do things that'll overwhelm you and traumatize your body - giving you the perfect excuse to say no if you struggle with boundaries.

Hence the importance of healing your physical body: to clear away what your mind simply cannot.

And when you do, there's nothing you can't do in this world. 


The Masterclass... 

After taking this masterclass, you'll have gained a deep understanding of "the dissociated body," the importance of consent, and the many challenges that arise in relationships due to this wound (and unhealed trauma).

You'll understand how unprocessed (or forgotten) trauma is stored in the body and how it impacts your ability to receive genuine love and support in addition to physical or emotional intimacy. Platonic or romantic.

You'll become aware of the connection between physical pain, health issues, disease, and the dissociated body. You'll also be able to identify when physical pain signals that you're in danger or experiencing a shift.‚Ā£

Finally, you'll begin to heal the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies, reprocess all timelines from birth, and fully integrate the healing of your current and future self within your body.

It's time to vacate all the wounds stored in your body and return it to its original state of peace, love, abundance, good health, and vibrant energy.‚Ā£..

So that you can do what you were born and meant to do as a leader.


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