The Secret To Healing Your Mother Wound…


Your concept of self was built by how your mother interacted with you. In fact, your mother's influence begins in the womb. (and even in previous generations.) Crazy right?


Not to mention, there's a lot of talk these days about "embodying the divine feminine" and being an "awakened woman."

But what they don't tell you is that you can't be a strong container of the power of the divine feminine if you haven't yet addressed the places within you where you've felt banished and exiled from the feminine.


There's also an inherent belief that because your mother is the one that births you and often raises you, that her love (or lack of it) doesn't cause you harm. You're even told, "Respect your mother no matter what. Look at everything she did for you; she literally gave birth to you."


But... this sense of loyalty to your mother will only leave you feeling confused and resentful. Because, instead of just being her child, you subconsciously become loyal to her wounds and thus further deepening your own oppression.


Until you have the courage to break this and face the pain you've experienced in relation to your mother, the divine feminine is just another fairy tale.

A fantasy of rescue... by a mother who's simply not coming.

It's time to lay that fantasy down for good so that you can step into your mother fucking power.



The Reality...

You come into the world naturally needing the tender presence of a mother's touch, nurturing, care, encouragement, and love. And when you don't receive that properly, it can cause a lifetime of further pain and negative influence.


The Mother Wound - which is the absence of a mother's love - arises either due to her lack of presence in your life or her inability to give you what you needed as a child.


It's also the pain of being a woman - passed down through generations of women in patriarchal cultures. And that includes the dysfunctional coping mechanisms used to process that pain.


It's worth mentioning again that your mother's influence begins when you're in the womb (and in previous generations). It's time to clear it all out and break those ancestral chains for good.


Because if left unhealed, as you can see, "The Mother Wound" will cause a deeply rooted trauma that can stay with you for a lifetime (and across generations).


Energetically speaking, your mother also protects and provides for your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual growth until age eight. Her energy and life force fuel your growth during these first few years.


So, again, you can see how important and deep this goes. And wouldn't you prefer to receive the power, the wisdom, and the gifts that come from your ancestor instead?


The Mother Wound Impact...


If you avoid acknowledging the full impact of your mother's pain on your life today, you'll still remain a child to some degree. Why?


Because coming into full empowerment requires you to look at your relationship with your mother and having the courage to separate your beliefs, values, and thoughts from hers.


It requires you to feel into the grief of having to witness the pain your mother endured. It also requires you to process the pain you endured as a result.


And it's challenging. It's also the beginning of true liberation and freedom. Because otherwise, these are just some ways in which this wound can impact you:

  • Mistrusting, feeling a lack of safety, or feeling competitive with (or around) other women

  • Having a high tolerance for poor treatment from others, including regulating others' emotions

  • Struggling to use your voice, being your full self, or setting healthy boundaries to decrease any threat others may feel

  • Inheriting body shame or sexual guilt

  • Feeling unworthy of wanting more than you currently have

  • Developing addictions to gain control, numb, or "relax"

  • Feeling disconnected from the natural playful or nurturing energy within

  • Being overly rigid with life and dominating with others

  • Self-sabotaging when you've obtained or surpassed a goal your mother or other women around you haven't received or achieved, right before a breakthrough, or when you reach your dream (and lose it shortly after)


As you've gathered by now, the cost of not healing your mother wound is wicked EXPENSIVE. But when you can partake in the healing process, you slowly remove the thick fog of hurt and projection keeping you stuck.


And you can then clearly see, appreciate, and love yourself. As well as those around you. As a result, you no longer carry the burden of your mother's pain. And you no longer keep yourself small.


You confidently materialize your own life - with the energy and vitality needed to create what you desire - without guilt or shame. And instead, with passion, power, joy, confidence, and love.


The great news is: You have the power within you to heal it all.


Once you do, you can safely explore all sides of you, finally (and truly) loosening the grip your past has on you!


The Masterclass...

After taking this masterclass, you'll have gained a deep understanding of "the mother wound," its myriad of causes, society's unspoken messages to women, and the mother/daughter issues still perpetuating the wound.


You'll uncover the costs of not clearing this wound and its impact on every part of your life while also learning (and practicing) how to begin healing it. And watch as its influence on your life, relationships, money, or business is no longer a thing.


You'll also become aware of how the mother wound, your self-worth, and your relationships with and view of women are directly connected to your ability to receive love - intimately or platonically.


It's time to clear your mother wound. It's time to break those ancestral chains. And it's time to receive the wisdom and gifts you were born and destined to embody.


This unique and sacred journey will allow you to do just that.


To share the truth of what's deep inside of you - as you awaken and heal all parts of you - especially the ones you've kept hidden.


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