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Connecting To The World Angel Grid + Pure Joy (Meditation & Teleclass)

Vibrationally align to the World Angel Grid - thousands of beams that have been anchored to specific locations on this earth with a 10 layer fabric of angelic energy.

The angels will first work with you to release and clear blockages (fear, sadness, powerlessness, anger, pain, etc) in your cellular memory so that you can raise your vibration to peace and joy. You'll also receive gifts from each of these angels that will help you connect to your soul's mission, speak your truth, raise your intuition, live in ease, and more.

Then, through a spiritual activity of "blessing", you'll raise your energy even higher. You will bless your family, friends, ancestors, and whoever else you wish to bless. This will also include you!

This meditation and tele-class is beyond powerful and will leave you feeling blissful.


“I’ve been meaning to tell you that we got great news. I have been cured. Thanks for all your support!! Woot Woot! Your chakra clearing is awesome!” — Monica

“Loved it! Listened while in a salt bath so double the bliss. Replacing the fear with trust affirmations in chakra points in always brilliant. Words are a poweful vibration! With yours it goes a step further with allowing each person to visualize or feel specific events or patterns customizing the experience for them. So with regular use, you’re not just cleansing the chakras, you’re shifting limited belief patterns. That’s cool shit. Phenomenal job!” — Lynn

“Loved the chakra cleanse. It was much needed. I definitely noticed a release. It felt nice.” — Christina

“Holy shit girl. That was powerful. I felt so much heaviness fall off.” — Leah

“The meditation was/is amazing! I loved it. I intend to listen to it again, and appreciate that I can go back to it.” — Haley

“Your meditation was phenomenal to say the least! I felt a sense of confidence, clarity, and readiness to take on the world! Thank you Lissette for creating this, the world would be a better place if everybody completed this meditation! What are you waiting for? Get those Chakras aligned!” — Robert

“Loved your chakra meditation! I felt such powerful energy! Thank you!”” — Tia

“I feel so much calmer. I can breathe now. It’s like something just lifted.” — Kim

“This shit is money! Loved the Chakra Cleanse.” — Luke

“Lissette is a powerful healer. Her monthly healing workshop/meditation was beyond powerful and exactly what I needed at this time. I highly recommend her. She is a wealth of knowledge and her work is exactly what the world needs.” — Kerissa

“Lissette has a way of explaining things in a way that I just get. Her meditations are truly powerful. I feel so at peace afterwards.” — Nancy

“Lissette, I just finished your throat chakra meditation.....AMAZING! Literally felt tingling all over my head and neck. So incredible! It was such an unexpected gift, and EXACTLY what I needed at this moment in time! Thank you! ” — Katie

“Omg. That was so powerful honey!! I’m processing all of it. So much came up for me. The best part is feeling safe! I hope you can reach a lot of people with these because this is what the world needs right now. I loved it, I loved it. Thank you!!!” — Rachel

“Lissette’s cord-cutting meditation is very powerful! I appreciated how she walked the listener through all of the background information behind cords, how they are formed and why they exist. If you are serious about cutting cords, this mediation will help you. Lissette is a gifted healer and I’m so grateful for her.” — Tiffany