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Shedding The Mother Wound Masterclass

You come into the world naturally needing the tender presence of a mother's touch, nurturing, care, encouragement, and love.

And when you don't receive that properly - either due to her lack of presence in your life or her inability to give you what you needed as a child - it can cause a lifetime of further pain and negative influence.

Your concept of self is also built by how your mother interacted with you. In fact, your mother's influence begins in the womb. (And even in previous generations.)

 It's time to clear it all out and break those ancestral chains. 

Purchase the Mother Wound Masterclass today and start your healing journey right away!


Here's what you get when you invest in yourself and show up:

* A 2-hour masterclass packed with mindblowing and thought-provoking assessments, reflections, and teachings to facilitate your mastery of self and in uncovering the true source of your plateau and discomfort

* A variety of quick, powerful, sustainable, and safe healing activations, evidenced-based practices, and techniques aimed to clear your source of concern and dis-ease

* An accompanying workbook with additional reflection questions, journaling prompts, and exercises to incorporate right away and keep you accountable

* A lifetime of transformation - with yourself, your body, your finances, your relationships, your love life, your parenting, and your profession.

(now that's priceless) 

P.S. You'll be prompted to set up an account for lifetime access.


Welcome to The Masterclass AND the confident powerhouse you were born to be.