Group Programs

Live and self-paced

Group Programs

Live and Self-Paced

Looking for other ways to work with me?

In addition to my signature private coaching experience, I’ve created two powerful programs designed to walk you through learning to heal your own stories and experience quick results. Programs that will introduce you to some of the practices that make up my signature approach, as well as the benefits of joining an intimate community of women who are ready to do the deep inner work — just like you.

From Fear To Fierce

In this 9-week live coaching experience, I’ll guide you through letting go of the underlying source that’s standing between you and your dream life. Together, we’ll access the power and strength of the women who walked this earth long before us, and I’ll cheer you on as you awaken to the power and creativity within you. It’s time to speak our truth and heal from the suffering we’ve been shouldering for centuries!

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Evolve. It's Time To Rise!

Here’s your chance to experience 5 days of clearing, healing, integrating, and restoring through a combination of meditation, Kundalini Yoga, energy healing, EFT Tapping, body healing, and subconscious reprogramming. Work through the pre-recorded sessions at your own pace and enjoy lifetime access to my in-depth teaching.

This is the most accessible way to take advantage of my years of education, training, and expertise.

* Note: this is a self-paced program.

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